Interestingly, people find that they experience issues with curly extensions, not straight and there are a number of reasons for this. So before you click on the “buy now” button online, make sure that you are dealing with a company you know you can trust that is going to give you the best quality, which means they are offering you one hundred percent natural curly hair extensions that are not going to give you any problems in the long run.

The first thing you may not have known is that curly hair extensions are not that easy to come by. Curly hair isn’t as common as straight hair and therefore in some instances you will find poor quality companies will try and palm off synthetic hair as natural or they will perm the hair to get the desired curly effect, these are things you need to be careful of, as if you have naturally curly hair you want your hair extensions to be a part of this and enhance your natural hair at all times, whether you are buying clip ins, weave or loop extensions.

Often you find that curly hair extensions are more processed than straight extensions, another sign you need to look for and that shouldn’t happen when buying from a reputable supplier. When you buy extensions, you want Remy extensions, these are one hundred percent natural extensions where the hair cuticle all run in the same direction and are all in place, you don’t get more natural than this.

Due to the fact that there are companies that will perm and treat curly hair extensions to make them look good, they are often not as long lasting, which you can’t be too surprised about. If you are perming your hair and putting it through a constant beating it is also going to wear. Remember these hairs have been treated with perms, sometimes even colours and then they are given to you to wear for months to come.

With perming, colouring and treating comes dry and tangled hair. When you buy hair extensions of any kind, you want to put them through a few tests to make sure their authenticity. Hopefully you have found yourself a supplier that you can trust and one of the things to watch for is dry ends and tangles, which while not harmful, can be rather frustrating.

Over time the curls can loosen in the curly hair extensions, especially in those thatĀ Curly hair salon have been permed, which means you may have to perm them again to do the desired results.

The best way to overcome these problems is to ensure you need curly extensions in the first place. Many people buy curly because when their hair dries naturally it has a slight curl, this is natural, but wavy may be a better option for you.

If you do need curly hair extensions, then consider buying from a respected supplier used by hair salons throughout the country who can give you a quality product backed by a money back guarantee that you can rely on and trust moving forward.

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