A PS game may not be playable when it becomes badly scratched. The game could freeze,How To Fix A Badly Scratched Play Station Games Articles skip or maybe not work at all. If you encounter the same issue don’t worry, there are different home techniques that can be used to make a scratched disc playable once again. You can also clean your playstation game periodically in order to prevent the discs from being scratched or damaged.

Cleaning Scratched PS Game Discs

This in-home process for cleaning scratched game disc is quite easy and simple. It just requires a few items needed to settle down the scratches that most gamers already have or else they can buy easily from the market. These items include paper towel, toothpaste, a wash cloth, rubbing alcohol and clean water.

Stepwise cleaning process with instructions:

First of all you need to wash the scratched playstation game. The cleaning process will eventually remove the dust, oil, fingerprints or debris that is present 안전놀이터 on the disc and causing problems. A layer of dust or debris can make your playstation to stop working. You can wash the PS game disk by rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or either on a clean wash cloth. Then from the center to the edge wipe the disc in a straight line. Do not attempt to rub the disc from back or forth just rub it only in a straight line movement that goes in one direction. After rubbing, run the disc under the cold water in order to wash out the alcohol. Do not dry it afterward.

Apply a dab of toothpaste to the disc while the playstation game is still wet. To buff the disc use a clean wash cloth or non-abrasive cloth. Spread the toothpaste to the overall disc by placing a finger in the center and spinning it around against the washcloth. Do it gently in order to avoid any additional damage or scratches to the disc.

It’s time to rinse the game after completing the buffing. This could be done by running the disc from the lukewarm water. Make sure that the disc surface is clean from toothpaste. Use a paper towel or clean cloth to dry the game gently. Do not air dry the game as it could affect the disc readability and gameplay.

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