Bodybuilding is a complex and dynamic process and requires a high level of commitment and both physical and mental stamina from its followers. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders, both long time and tyro, believe that the work ends when you hit the showers. The truth is that bodybuilding is a lifestyle sport and it demands complete dedication to all its components, not just the gym work. Without a strategically planned rest schedule and solid, well thought out and individually suited diet, all you’re doing is lifting iron. It’s the diet component we will discuss today as bodybuilding food is a fairly complex subject.

Bodybuilders are usually stuck between a rock buy best sarms online and a hard place when considering their diets. To maintain an acceptable rate of muscle growth they have to eat hard and that sort of calorific intake usually goes hand in hand with proportional fat gain. To better understand this process and be able to make informed choices on diet structure it is essential to know what the three main food groups are, what they do and how they work together.

Although there are many different food types and sub divisions, the three most important bodybuilding food items are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They are all essential in varying concentrations for a healthy balanced diet, even the fat. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

Proteins are made up of amino acid chains and are the body’s building blocks. When you rest and your muscle fibre is regenerating it is the protein in your body that is doing all the work. So it goes without saying that a deficiency in protein will result in slow or non existent muscle growth. The quality or concentration of the proteins in the foods you eat also plays a role in this process and can affect the amounts of protein you need to absorb. Online resources such as High Protein Foods can advise you on the amount of protein you are absorbing in your specific diet.

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